CoinBot Part 2

I made a service that includes a web interface and Alexa skill.
Tuesday 3rd of April 2018 03:50:23 PM

It's about 5 weekends later and my "CoinBot" project is up and running. The Amazon Alexa Skill has been approved and is available here: It turnes out that there are ALOT of Skills that does somewhat the same as CoinBot, though I have not found a skill that also provides a smooth serving of web interface:

This turned out to be quite a fun project. I got to mess with huge amounts of data that is constantly changing (more then 2000 CryptoCurrencies across at least 10 marketplaces), and got to put my trusty Currency Converter to work as well for cases where you might want to convert from Crypto Currencies to a non-USD or EUR currency.

Next steps:

  • Notifications. Set an alarm for a specific Crypto Currency value and send an email on event trigger. Also applied for Alexa notifications BETA.
  • Include support for any Currency to any Currency (Crypto and traditional).
  • Maybe... if there is a free reliable source, also add stock value information...?