I was worthy enough to be a specific target of a DDoS-attack!
Thursday 30th of November 2017 03:16:11 PM

So I got an email from my VPS hosting provider about the server that hosts this website (my portfolio and blog).
They had automatically triggered a mitigation of an DDOS attack.
 Seems like someone thought it was worth some resources to knock down my personal site. I immediately tried to access my website, did not respond: gateway timeout error from CloudFlare.

Wait a minute… CloudFlare! WHY YOU NOT STOP THIS! 

I just though that was kind of the point of that service? It does make DNS easier, hides my public ip, cache content (all for free so can’t complain). However, it was my understanding that CloudFlare would stop DDOS attacks, like thats what they are known for?

Anyways, turns out they kind of helped at least, they served a cached response to almost a million requests at around 7:40pm to 8pm. I assume that helped ALOT. There was still about 40.000 requests from almost 9000 unique machines/clients that was sent trough cloud flare (uncached requests).