was powered by: GuideBox... untill they asked for a lot of money :(

Project closed due to the fact that I do not have $1000 per month to pay for the data source :p

This service will cease to function properly after September 1, 2017 because I do not have $1000 per month to spend on this... The awesome service GuideBox had a free tire for personal non-comercial use but alas... no more! And $1000 per month for this API service... holy bananas that's expensive :(
I spend a total of $6 per month for this entire portfolio... jeeeze.

Dan Unfortunately there will be no free options and no paid options for less than $1000/month. For the free API, the most we can offer is 60 days for you to continue the free API. Feel free to use the API until September 1, 2017. Apologies we cannot offer for longer than that, hopefully it will be enough time for you to transition your app to another provider.