Some information about Cookies etc...

This is a screen grab from the Chrome browser's "Cookie Report" for this website. I will try my best to explain what each of these do and why they are needed.

  • XSRF-TOKEN: This is a unique string to make sure that your browser is the one that requested data from the webserver. Bascially make sure that other websites don't steal data.
  • _ga: This is another unique string so Google Analytics can identify your browser. See more info about Google Analythis further down this page.
  • laravel_cookie_ok: This tells the web server that you already clicked the OK button in the banner that shows up.
  • laravel_session: This is yet again an unique string to identify your browser. It is used to store session data. See below for more info.


To speed up processes and avoid multiple requests for the same information, certain information is stored on the web-server and related to your browser with the laravel_session cookie. Services using the session feature: weather and twitter trends. The data used for these services relies on your location for an improved user experience. Session data is removed 60 min after you close your browser or leave the website. Session data is also encrypted.


Weather data and twitter trends also uses your ip-address to detect your general location. This is a "best guess" based on information available from MaxMind. There is no way for me to actually see exactly where you are located. Clicking the "TRY HTML5 GEO-LOCATION" in the Weather Widget section of this website will trigger a prompt (on supported browsers) to allow this site to use the HTML5 Geolocation feature. This is a one time permission given to fetch your location for the sole purpose of getting you local weather data.

Analytics, user tracking

The one and only service I use to monitor and track user statistics is Google Analytics. This service tracks and keeps information about what technology is being used, when and from where to access this website. No personal information about you is being tracked. Please see Google's Privacy & Terms for more information. More details about Google Analytics and your data.