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Hi, I'm Dan - a full-stack web developer. This is my online portfolio: a collection of projects and smaller widgets that I have worked on. There is also some information on the web-technologies I implement as well as my personal blog.



Where it all started: Linux/Apache/MySql/PHP


My preferred MVC PHP framework.


Break free from SQL! My preferred noSQL DB.


Sometimes Python makes sense, client data connectors etc...


Can't make websites without some solid html and css knowledge.


Responsive design and a mobile-first approach.


Javascript can't be full-stack developer without knowledge of JS.


My prefered front-end JS Framework.


Amazon Deals

Getting the top/most sold deals from Amazon


The CoinBot Alexa Skill and iamcoinbot.com website

Currency Converter

A Currency Conversion Widget

Find my TV-Shows

A simple streaming content indexer and search engine

jQuery Plugins

Some fun jQuery plugins I made.

Laravel Log-to-DB

Custom Log handler for new Laravel 5.6 channel based logging to DB.


Memes scraped from memebase, 100% less ads!

NRK Radio

Audio stream of NRK radio.

NTNU openVideo

Video content management for higher education.

Opinions LTD

Front end development with Stream 9

Quote Bot

The Bot that gives you quotes. Tweets and integrates with Amazon Echo

Real-Time Monitor

Monitors incoming connection attempts to this web server and automatically reports abuse.

Spotify - Now playing

A widget that shows what I listen to on Spotify (why not?)

Stone Armory

Front end development, with Stream 9

Twitter Wall

Search for hashtags or users and get a peek into the Tweetosphere!

Weather Widget

A weather widget using geo ip location.


Local Weather More Info
Spotify - Currently listening More Info
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About Me / Contact

My name is Daniel and I'm a web developer living in north-east Ohio.
I am probably the one who sent you to this web page, so you might already know how to reach me.
If not, you can send me an message here:

This website is built based on Laravel, Bootstrap, super sweet css-icons from: FontAwesome and Devicon
All content presented on this website and the site itself is developed by Daniel Mellum unless otherwise indicated.
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