This project is no longer maintained, and the information here is out of date.
Please check out my new project StreamFinder to search for up-to-date TV-shows and movies. ×

The data here is out of date and no longer maintained, however feel free to use my new project: StreamFinder

Update December 2015:
This project is no longer maintained, however it is kept operational with archived data. In other words the search result will no longer be up to date.

Update November 2014:
The Netflix public API has been cancelled by Netflix. There will be no updated information from Netflix after november 2014, search results will be based on archived information prior to November 2014.

Search for your favorite TV-Show / TV-series from Netflix, Hulu and iTunes.
Choose whichever provider and stream or download your favorite TV-shows from the providers. The search information is provided from official API programs supplied by the content providers.
All the information is delivered "as is" from the "data feeds" of the providers (currently: Netflix, Hulu and iTunes).
This is not a video-streaming service, all links go directly to the relevant content provider.
All information provided in the search result are copyrighted to the relevant content provider and/or owner/producer of the content.

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